Every new client brings a unique set of requirements, goals, and challenges. At HPG Executive Recruiting, we offer a variety of search options and approaches. Working together, we can assemble the right approach and strategy that works best for your business and staffing needs.


Retained Search, four steps to success

Working with HPG on a retainer basis brings more strength and efficiency to your overall recruitment capabilities. As exclusive consultants to your search, we work with you to design a strategy that meets your specific needs. 

Our four-step retained search process helps you clarify your goals, coordinate each phase of the search, and put you in a better position to find the right-fit candidate who will be successful in your organization. Each step in the retained search process includes a comprehensive checklist of tasks that are meticulously completed before the next phase begins.


Define Client Objectives and Requirements

  • Confer with client
  • Understand the organization
  • Specify requirements
  • Prepare briefing documents
  • Gain client agreement


Research and Identify Candidates

  • Develop list of target industries and companies
  • Review databases for requisite backgrounds
  • Source professionals for informed referrals
  • Conduct initial calls to screen prospective candidates
  • Review backgrounds with client


Interview and Evaluate

  • Identify accomplishments and capabilities
  • Assess strengths and weaknesses
  • Evaluate against requisite profiles
  • Develop priority list of candidates to be interviewed by client


Process and Place

  • Conduct reference checks
  • Verify education and prior experience
  • Conduct background check, when appropriate
  • Prepare a spread report on each candidate
  • Gain agreement on the right choice
  • Assist candidate with decision and final negotiations
  • Assist with on-site red carpet treatment and onboarding for new hires



Partner Model

Engage with EPG Executive Recruiting via a Partner Model and set up a yearly contract that covers all of your recruiting needs. As a full-fledged partner, collaborator, and consultant, we’ll work directly with your talent acquisition team on any or all parts of your search process. 

Custom Recruitment

Add specific services and hourly sourcing as needed to any arrangement with HPG Executive Recruiting. Many of our clients use Custom Recruitment from HPG Executive Recruiting to add consultancy services for the development of a leadership strategy or a review of organizational structure.