Bringing strength and efficiency to every plan.

The first step to a successful executive search is contracting with the right executive search firm and establishing a relationship agreement that works best for your goals. At HPG Executive Recruiting, we believe that a retained search approach presents the best opportunity to meeting those goals and finding the right candidate for your needs.

What is retained search?

Simply put, retained search means that we will partner with you as the exclusive search firm for the position you desire to fill. Our ultra-competitive consulting fees cover a wide range of state-of-the-art search services performed by our dedicated, experienced, and professional search team in collaboration with your in-house recruitment or HR managers.

Full cycle recruitment

As full cycle recruitment specialists, we do it all—managing the entire recruitment process—including the development of a customized strategy, the job posting, candidate screening, and finally the job offer itself. Our end-to-end services are comprehensive, thorough, and executed with an unwavering commitment to quality at every point.

Access to top national talent

Our boutique size and emphasis on healthcare are advantages that we leverage at every opportunity. Smaller and independent, we can flex more freedom to uncover and connect with a wider and more diverse network of qualified candidates. From C-suite to manager level positions, few candidates are off limits to our firm and to our outreach.

Science or art, when it comes to retained search, success is the outcome we achieve with our clients time and time again.

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