Executive leadership that raises the game

At HPG Executive Recruiting, we’re a boutique firm—on purpose. By limiting our size, we’re able marry more than three decades of experience with a search process that enjoys greater freedom to explore a wider pool of top candidates. As a boutique firm, we can also package our services at more competitive rates for value that’s unmatched in the healthcare industry.

We and our clients are proud of the results and our clients are too. We find executive leaders that raise the game and make everybody in their world better at what they do.

At HPG Executive Recruiting, search success comes from freedom, experience, and value.

Partners, consultants, advocates

At HPG, we strive to be part of your talent acquisition team; partners in every search and advocates for your success. We start every new project with a deep dive into your business needs and requirements in the position. We’re all ears until it’s time to work as your expert consultants to develop a strategy that delivers the right candidate.

Meeting the challenge in healthcare

Ask any healthcare HR or recruitment professional: filling roles in niche positions at hospitals, managed care organizations, and within physician groups is challenging. That’s why our experience and our approach are so valuable. We understand healthcare and we know how to overcome the hurdles to find the right fit for each organization and for each unique circumstance.

Advocates for your success

If you are prepared for new leadership to guide and enhance your organization, let’s get started together.

I have worked with Gary Hamm and the team at HPG for many years. I appreciate that Gary and team take the time to really get to know our organization at a deeper level. Gary’s personal, high-touch approach has consistently resulted in the placement of some of our strongest leaders.

Chris Roth, President and CEO

St. Luke’s Health System, Boise, ID